Friday, September 7, 2012

Prime, Baby, Prime

So...  Hi!  How ya been?  Have you cooked anything good lately?  I did, and wanted to share.

Al, Mr. Husband and Taster, went to Costco recently and got a pack of beef tenderloins.  Anyone who has shopped at Costco knows they have great meat.  It's also USDA prime grade, or as it will forevermore be known in our house, "Prime, Baby, Prime!" Al could not go five minutes without saying "Prime, Baby, Prime!" The phrase has stuck in my head and I will never eat another filet without thinking "Prime, Baby, Prime!"  It's an affliction.  An affliction I have now shared with you, so that ear-worm-like, I may (hopefully) purge it from my own brain.

I cooked the tenderloins as per usual; which means that I seared them in a very hot cast iron skillet for 3 minutes per side, and then put them in a 450 degree oven for about 3-4 minutes until they were approximately 140 degrees, or medium-rarish in temperature.  They were delicious.

But I had one left over.  And I couldn't stop thinking about the best way to use that one tenderloin.  Should I put it in a salad, or with some sesame noodles, or just gnaw on it straight out of the fridge?

I had a brainstorm one night after work, which is commendable considering I typically drink whisky after work, but all the same.  I thought, wouldn't that tenderloin be really good with a poached egg?  Then the magic began.

I toasted 2 slices of white bread.  I lightly buttered them, and spread a layer of stone-ground mustard with horseradish over the butter.  I thinly sliced the refrigerated, cooked fillet, and gently heated it in a skillet.  Once the steak was warm, I added about a tablespoon of butter, and several shakes of Worcestershire sauce.  I kept that saucy steak warm while I poached 2 eggs.  Note: poach the eggs last, as their cooking time is just a couple minutes.  (I kept mine warm while the toast finished, and the yolks were not as runny as I would have liked, although still awesome.) Layer the tenderloin slices on the buttery, mustardy toast, and top with a poached egg. 

I didn't discuss the use of the last "Prime, Baby, Prime!" filet with Al before cooking, I just made it and surprised him.  He was pretty damn impressed, if I do say so myself.  Since that night, he's been talking to me about why I started this blog.  

When I began, the goal was simply to have a "place," a repository where I put all of my recipes, and thoughts about food.  I've been thinking about why I haven't wanted to blog lately, and I think I got too caught up trying to be cool; trying to take the best photos, have absolutely perfect grammar, or have the most witty things to say on the entire internet.  I started to analyze a hobby way too much, and now can't help but think that's a terrible waste of time and energy.  As I heard my rockin' boss say recently "When you find yourself thinking that you're so very cool, let your next thought be, who cares?"

So, in keeping with that spirit, here we go!  No pictures (today), no days of editing, and angst about every little detail.  Just me, and the "Prime, Baby, Prime!" story of really good leftovers, topped with a poached egg.  That's perfect, all by itself.

It's Prime, Baby, Prime.

Bean Out.